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Going on an organized ride this year? Share your adventures and pictures with us! Email: info@oklahomahorseonline.com

Duncan Lake Trail Ride April 30-May 1 Report

We are so excited about our ride! A very large group attended, more were camped on Friday night than ever. We have 33 camp sites with multiple electric plugs, all were not used, but the ones left were hard to find. Our Friday night auction was great, weather was very cold, wind blowing but we have a big Pavilion so we could get out of the wind. We got ten percent of the sales , we sold close to 2,000 $ which was a nice some. We could not had an auction if Betty Foster and her daughter Joann hadn't kept up with the money. Buster Foster did a great job as Auctioneer. Saddles, bridles, blankets and spurs were sold. A few people donated their tack to the club which was very nice. We had 131 people for chicken fry and all the trimmings catered by the Duncan Lake Concession.

Country and Western Singers Association sang until wee hours of the morning. At 10:p.m., the crowd thinned but the songs could be heard from the camps sites around the camp fire, which was a lot warmer. Lots of camp fires that evening.

Camellia Foster had 52 riders on her all day ride on Sat morning. Brenda  Benedict had 15 on the 11 a.m. all day ride. Reta  McCartney and Tina Benedict  had 25 or 30 riders with them on the 12 a.m. ride, that was out for about 2 hours. Riders that have been there before went out on there own which was great. Cindy Kerr made our club a map of the Duncan Lake Trails, we gave them out as riders signed in. They will be on hand at the lake concession and at Big Oak Stables.

We sold chances for the $100, that was given away on Saturday night, didn't have to be present to win but he was there. I didn't get his name. He has supported our ride several times.

We were up and running on Sunday with a projected time of 8:30 -9:00 to eat Breakfast, cooked buy the club. I had bought enough food for 75 people. We served 101. I sent Loretta Springer out to the camp sites to gather eggs. She gathered 8 dozen. We ate them. Gravy caused a little problem. I read the direction on Friday night so I would know what to do in the a. m. and on Fri night it said 3 quarts of water but on Sunday morn I said 3 gallons. It never did get thick. Well, I kept that to my self until after we had added about 3 lbs. of flour, and boiled it for one hour. Sorry Gary Joe.

Rita Foster took pictures of riders and made prints in her trailer for sale. They were sold for $1.00 to club members and $2.00  for non club members, of which she donated to the club. Thanks, Rita.

Sunday after breakfast we rode over to the south side for a ride and a site seeing trip, we saw a coyote, bob cat and several deer.

Brenda Benedict was the t-shirt committee. We had really nice t-shirts to sell and wear but the temperature was to cold  for them to  be seen.

We had a farrier on hand most of the day Sat and he came back for a while on Sunday, thanks Chuck Buckman.

Last but not least we had Howell Grayson from Noble, OK. Freeze brand horses. at a cost of $30 a head. He was busy all day. He had to at least freeze branded 30 head, maybe more.

Back in the Saddle

Nature at its best Ė unblemished and home to a vast array of pleasant surprises guaranteed to take your breath away.

You can find all of this just a few miles away from Duncan at Duncan Lake, and youíll get an insiderís view from the Duncan Lake Riding Club.  The club has recently leased 400 new acres and all this property is available at a minimal trail fee.  Riding through trails, rolling hills, rocky outcrops and ledges around the lake is a memory you wonít soon forget.

As the sun rises, trees shrug off the shadows of the night and reveal the rich colors of the season Ė and each season brings special delights.

In spring, the myriad of colors and scents created by trees and flowers is sure to dazzle.  Radiant blankets of wildflowers cover open fields and a parade of bright yellow flowers march across a small hill.  Indian paintbrush, bluebonnets and wildflowers abound.  Donít be surprised to see a doe taking her newborn fawn for a stroll as you listen to birds urging their chicks to first flights.

As summer arrives, cloudless, azure skies dominant the day.  Clear night skies make stargazing a perfect way to end the day.  Trees boasting rich green foliage now show first signs of fruit.  Summer grasses hypnotize as they wave in the wind.

Leaves of orange, gold, copper and red mark autumnís debut.  Large bucks scratch their great racks on tree bark and wild turkey calls fill the air.  Bald eagles also call Duncan Lake home.  The riding club has reported seeing five eagles in one tree.  Bobcats, too, wander the woods in search of food and warmth.  There is nothing better than viewing natureís wonders from atop a horse!

If you have the longing to ride but donít own a horse, donít despair!  A privately owned riding stable is located east of the lake where you can choose from a beautiful herd of horses.580 255 2613 for info on club and ride fees.

The Duncan Lake Riding Club holds two trail rides annually Ė a spring and a fall ride.  They meet the first Saturday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Duncan Lake Concession or pavilion.

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